Bespoke Wedding Album Design Service

We provide a completely bespoke wedding album design service for couples and professional photographers.
Each page is seen as a blank canvas, allowing for a flexible and creative design to ensure your photographs are displayed in the best possible way. All of our designs are template free, so your album will be unique and tailored to your exact requirements.
The following are the most popular styles – we can either design your album to one of these or accommodate a combination of all three. Hover over the text below to find out more.


ArtisticThe Artistic style is geared towards soft backgrounds and blended images. It is recommended that images should be kept to a minimum as the pages tend to look too busy.
ContemporaryThe Contemporary style is based on various sized photos set on a white background. Simple, clean and timeless.
ReportageThe Reportage style utilises black backgrounds and lends itself to having larger, blended background images. This design suits around 4 images per double page spread.


Fluid Album Design